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To handle your goods efficiently throughout the world, you must rely on a qualified and experienced logistics service provider. Choose MOL Logistics Poland for the import and export of your goods.

Be one of our valued customers instead of a number

Organizing transport and logistics can be a specialized and time consuming task. Especially when you would rather focus on your own core business, as you should. Do you have one or more of the following questions? Is it better to choose airfreight or ocean freight? Which customs related matters need to be arranged? Which other documents should be submitted? When can you or your customer expect the orders? With MOL Logistics Poland as your creative partner you don’t have worry about the best way of transport!

Of course you can take your shipments to the cheapest forwarder or the ‘big companies’. But would you not rather trust the personal service of a company where you really are a customer instead of a number? MOL Logistics Poland offers you a lot more than a transporter to get your shipment from A to B. You will get the best import and export possibilities at the right price/quality ratio. You will have all the required details whenever you need it. And most important: this will enable you to concentrate on your own business.


Quality comes first: AEO, ISO and IATA certifications throughout our network


Worldwide over 110 strategic locations and over 250 partners available: local and international expertise


Local team takes care of you and keeps you informed

How about quality?

As you offer your customers the highest quality possible, you also expect this from your suppliers and partners. Highly understandable. For us it is even a must to do business! Therefor we monitor and control our own achievements and those of our partners. Most of our offices in Europe, Africa and Middle East have an ISO 9001 certification. Consider procedures for the handling of shipments, storage of goods, cleaning and pest control. To support you with regulations and developments, a selection of our international employees is member of several branch organizations.

In addition, we find training and education of our staff extremely important. Furthermore, our own customs experts will safeguard each shipment (AEO certification), which qualifies us as a safe and reliable partner in the international forwarding business. Customs clearance will go quicker and smoother which results in less physical and documentation checks. With a qualification as ‘Known Airfreight Agent’ we limit the risk on delays through safety checks to a minimum.

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