Storage and warehousing

Storage of goods or products can be time-consuming and require large spaces. Not to mention the associated administrative handling to be carried out. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of customers' orders and their additional requirements. Customers unexpectedly need more items ordered. The question arises: is the goods still in stock? We would be happy to take care of your storage, order picking, stock management and shipping of goods!

Save time and money by outsourcing the storage of goods

With a strategically located warehouse you will have time and space to focus on your core business!

The best possible care of products requires competent staff to ensure that high standards are maintained. In line with the latest trends in product and employee safety, we continuously train our staff and implement current solutions.


Designed for all types of products: secured and strategically located.


Save time and money with external storage or warehousing.


A wide range of additional services and reports to improve your daily work.

Secured and strategically located

Your high-value goods can be stored safely, thanks to appropriate certificates and safety rules. We make every effort to meet your expectations, so you can be sure that your products will be stored in good and competent hands. Supervision, security and access control are some of our key solutions. In addition, products can be easily shipped to customers thanks to strategic locations near important transportation routes, roads and rail connections.

Stock control

In order to be able to monitor products, it is very important for us to have a transparent inventory management system. Both incoming and outgoing products are recorded and controlled using barcodes. Many of our warehouses have advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) equipped with radio frequency (RF). These support activities such as scanning and reading these barcodes. This translates into effective management and full control over incoming and outgoing processes.

Are the transport and logistics solutions in your company tailored and modern?

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Storage of a wide range of products

Some companies have very specific storage requirements. These include, for example, constant temperature or humidity. We offer the possibility to store a wide range of products. Among other things, we offer our services to companies in the automotive, high-tech, solar panels and medical devices industries.

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