Rail transport

In the past, rail transport was used to transport luxury goods such as silk and spices. Over the years it has lost some of its importance. Numerous wagon coupling and uncoupling operations and insufficient infrastructure were the main reasons for this. In recent years, countries such as China have invested heavily in expanding their rail network to boost trade. Rail transport is again becoming increasingly common. Especially when airlines or shipowners face capacity problems, container or general cargo (LCL) rail transport can be a solution for your business.

Silk trail - reactivation

Rail is becoming a greener and greener solution for companies looking for a faster solution than shipping. MOL Logistics Wrocław office will be happy to provide all necessary information.


Ideal solution to capacity problems.


Full service package from loading to unloading for FCL and LCL.


The right solution for products that need to be shipped to / from Asia in a relatively short time.

Complete package of services

Not all companies know how to match rail freight to their current transport system. To address these concerns, we can offer you a comprehensive package for rail freight. You will receive assistance with the whole process, including all customs procedures, e.g. advice and preparation of documentation, regular updates, delivery of products to their destination and competitive prices.

Rapid transit

Where it is essential to find a solution for transporting products to or from China, but it is not possible to provide adequate timeframes and costs, in sea and air transport, rail transport can be a very beneficial alternative. It is characterised by relatively short transit times, faster than sea and lower price than air freight. Thus, it is possible to deliver products (such as electronics, clothing, latest trend products) to Asia or raw materials from Asia within 15 to 20 days to Europe and distribute them further throughout the continent.

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Greening of transport

Rail transport is a big steam locomotive burning tons of coal, right? Are you sure? Especially considering intercontinental transport, rail is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. When comparing rail transport with sea or air, it is clearly the most environmentally friendly. Additionally, freight trains run according to the timetable. Do you have any questions about rail transport? We encourage you to contact us!

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