Road transport

Freight transport by road is characterised by great diversity. One haulier specialises in transport to (and from) France, the UK or Spain, while another focuses on Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. But does this mean that you need to know all haulage companies around the world? Do you know which one to contact? Or do you still spend time online looking for the right carrier? And is a carrier capable of handling dangerous or temperature-controlled goods? Is it able to cope with seasonal peaks? There are many questions that can make the search extremely complicated. To simplify the whole process, just contact MOL Logistics Poland: we will be happy to take care of all your cargo.

Best possible quality and price for road transport service

 In order to relieve the burden on our customers, we work closely with various entities operating in the road transport sector. When choosing the right carrier for each shipment, we will ensure the best possible quality and price. It does not matter whether a single pallet or a full truck load (Full Truck Load / FTL) is shipped. It doesn't matter whether you need a transport adapted to specific conditions or (design) loads with unusual dimensions: MOL Logistics is always looking for a creative alternative.


For all types of cargo: full truckload (FTL) and general cargo (LTL).


Just-in-time deliveries, dangerous goods and temperature-controlled shipments.


Combining road transport with warehousing or other services.

Extensive road network

It is important to have the knowledge needed to organise all road transport to meet the requirements of senders and recipients. Thanks to our international network, we cover the whole of Europe. In addition, shipments reaching all parts of the world by air or sea can be transported further by road.

Expertise in single pallet and full truckload transport

Each shipment is unique. The key issue is to be able to rely on the knowledge and experience of our road transport specialists. If necessary, we can pick up the goods in a very short time, especially for just-in-time deliveries. For such shipments our customers receive regular updates. We will contact the recipient to confirm the date and time of unloading. Of course, it is possible to receive a POD (Proof of Delivery). This will save a lot of time and effort. 

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Efficient product transport

Our team knows the specifics of the local market and the best way to ship goods. This creative use of knowledge, experience, skills and resources will help you to choose the optimal road transport partner. Naturally, we will register your shipment and organize the necessary customs documents. If an alternative shipping method better suits your requirements, we will inform you about it. For example, with short sea shipping solutions or rail transport. You can rely on our services, which translates into greater flexibility in sales and production processes.

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