Unrivalled logistics solutions for every industry

The concepts of transport and logistics have different meanings in every field of industry. Other challenges are faced by a high-tech company and others by an importer of clothing or solar panels. Companies operate differently not only on a daily basis, but also when organizing transport or logistics.

We make every effort to meet our clients' requirements. We search for optimal solutions at the most attractive prices.

The common feature of all clients is that they expect professional service and clear communication. We always have the possibility to choose the most appropriate way of contact: e-mail, phone, Skype or meeting.

We want to get to know the companies we work with. We start with a meeting where we discuss the logistical challenges faced by the company. Regardless of whether it concerns a specific shipment, current tasks or the entire logistics process. We always put the quality of our services and satisfaction of our customers first.

Automotive industry

Are you keeping up with the rapidly changing automotive industry? How is your logistics handling it? MOL Logistics offers full support in this area!

Chemical industry

MOL Logistics is a suitable partner in precise and safe solutions for the chemical industry.

Medical industry

The medical industry is characterized by extremely high requirements in terms of timeliness and safety. Only transport and logistics professionals are able to cope with the task.

Clothing and footwear industry

Are you struggling with delivery delays or mistakes? Are the goods received inconsistent with the order? MOL Logistics provides fast and flexible support.

Aerospace industry and parts for ships and yachts

To prevent process delays, we create them together with the customer. In this way we find the fastest possible solutions.

Advanced technologies

The High-Tech industry requires fast and safe transport and logistics solutions. MOL Logistics offers to develop an economic and efficient supply chain.