Safety and flexibility for High-Tech products

Companies operating on the high-tech market expect equally advanced logistics solutions. The challenges of short product life cycles, ever lower prices and extremely intensive globalisation are facing all companies in the market. Whether the company supplies its customers with electronic equipment, computers, telecommunication components or semiconductors, everyone faces similar challenges. In addition, in order to remain competitive, costs need to be reduced, while at the same time increasing R&D expenditure.

High-quality product safety

In this industry it is important to reconcile short lead times with stock matching. Sometimes the proper use of warehouse space requires many analyses. In addition, it is necessary to be sure that the chosen carrier is able to guarantee an appropriate level of security and provide the necessary support and transport insurance.

MOL Logistics, in order to meet the requirements of its customers, is looking for solutions while maintaining low costs, flexibility and secure supply chain. We offer our High-Tech distributors, among others, short delivery times, safe intermodal transport and technical inventory control. This allows our customers to concentrate on their development and introduction of new products to the market.


Our specialists respond quickly to inquiries and prepare offers. They provide advice on the most suitable transport solutions.


We offer economic and express spare parts deliveries.


Our experience in cooperation with various clients gives us broad knowledge about the High-Tech industry.

Fast delivery

The need for an urgent and reliable delivery can lead to high costs, as well as uncertainty as to whether the goods have already arrived on site. MOL Logistics has a fleet of more than 350 delivery trucks and numerous trucks, thanks to which we are able to deliver the highest quality deliveries. Regardless of whether the transport is to be carried out on the route Germany - Portugal or England - Spain, we know the shortest and fastest routes, and in the case of urgent deliveries, we offer transport, carried out by two drivers.

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Support for customs clearance

Import, export or transit of high-tech products can involve a number of complicated formalities. MOL Logistics provides the necessary support in this area every day.

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Quality control

The quality of the products offered is important not only when placing them on the market. It is equally important to consider the life cycle of products. Thanks to a wide range of value-added services, we can meet the highest requirements set by modern technology industries. Our warehouses guarantee the safety of entrusted goods. We have applied monitoring systems and access control, and a constant level of service is guaranteed by our procedures resulting from ISO standards.

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