Aerospace industry and parts for ships and yachts

For the aviation and maritime industries, the trade in spare parts is a very important aspect of any organisation in this segment. The dynamic development forces the almost immediate availability of components on the other side of the world. The ever-increasing safety aspects are resulting in a constant modernisation of the fleet.

International supplies to the maritime and aviation sectors

Shipowners, shipyards or airlines cannot afford to delay the delivery of parts or components. Delays could cause huge financial losses, which is why it is so crucial to work with a credible and reliable Partner.

Timely transports for airlines can be a difficult task, especially if short delivery times are involved. Carriers and logistics operators face many challenges. MOL Logistics supports airlines and shipping companies in finding the quickest solutions to prevent delivery delays.


The establishment of cooperation starts with a meeting with an expert, during which areas requiring support are discussed.


Thanks to an extensive network of vans, in case of urgent transport across Europe, the customer only pays one way.


We invite you to take advantage of our independent opinion on sea and air transport.


We have a global network of solutions for On Board Courier (OBC) and air charter services.


A dedicated specialist will draw up a quotation in a short period of time and also advise on the optimal transport.

International air transport

Companies in the industry face emergency situations when customers from the other end of the world urgently need a particular element. In this situation, the best solution will be a Partner who will deliver the goods quickly to the indicated place. MOL Logistics has a network of reliable carriers offering deliveries to any place in the world. Our employees help to choose the most optimal solution. They always choose the most advantageous method of air freight transport in an economical or accelerated version, and in critical situations we offer solutions of courier on board or air charter.

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Urgent consignments

When time is of the essence, MOL Logistics offers an extensive network of express road deliveries. We ensure timely deliveries to any place in Europe. Regardless of the size of the goods, we maintain a competitive price.

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We are experienced in finding the shortest connections to the right ports and airports, whether they are in the United States, the Middle East or Asia. Flexibility and speed of transport solutions are what set us apart.

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