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Logistics solutions for the chemical industry

Chemical products form the basis of many production processes. Without them, it would be impossible to produce many different products. This translates into a large number of cargoes transported overland and on board ships and aircraft.

Precise and safe solutions for the chemical industry

All companies operating in the chemical industry, whether manufacturer, importer or distributor, are obliged to meet many market requirements. Are all means of transport allowed for chemical products or raw materials? Are there any special packaging requirements? Do customs carry out additional checks and what formalities must be prepared? Can the costs of transporting chemicals for import or export be saved?


Our strength is constituted by experienced specialists, ready to face any issue of import, export and storage of chemical products.


We have access to the most modern warehouses and means of transporting chemicals.


Our experience is supported by many years of cooperation with numerous customers.

For MOL Logistics, this is everyday life

We are constantly following the regulations and new possibilities in the transport of chemical materials, thus avoiding situations of danger to people, the environment and the cargo itself. We prevent unnecessary risks, maintaining the highest safety standards.

We comply with strict rules and regulations, making every effort to organize transport comprehensively. Thanks to an extensive network of warehouses and partners, we are able to store and transport chemical and hazardous materials all over the world.

Our team

Safe transport of chemical raw materials

In the transport of chemical products, the preparation of appropriate documents is essential. Another point is having permits for the transport of hazardous materials. Divergences or deficiencies increase the possibility of undesirable events, but this can be prevented. Our experts are in charge of organizing the transport of such demanding goods. It is up to us to select a subcontractor with the necessary permits so that the products reach their destination safely. We take care of choosing the most advantageous means of transport, by sea, air or rail.

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