Transport and logistics for the clothing and footwear industry

As a result of strong competition and rising costs, the clothing industry is under constant pressure, so companies in the market are forced to show more and more creativity and versatility. Seasonal fluctuations require short response times, high performance in peak season and economic solutions outside the season. MOL Logistics offers its support to both small retailers and major wholesalers. We provide what is most important: fast and flexible delivery of goods directly to the stores.

Transparent stock management and fast delivery

Many companies in the clothing market face the problem of late or wrong deliveries. It happens that goods are not carefully loaded or properly secured, which affects the quality of products. MOL Logistics fully secures such situations by close cooperation with intermediaries, importers, exporters and suppliers of fabrics and other materials, realizing deliveries quickly and flexibly. We meet the expectations of our customers and maintain a transparent system of stock management to meet the needs of even the most demanding ones.


We ensure the availability and support of our experts in customs, import, export and other related documentation matters.


We organize global transportation for the clothing and footwear industry.


We guarantee punctual deliveries directly to customers or their recipients.


As part of additional services, we carry out quality control, labelling, packaging and securing shipments during transport.


Thanks to our cooperation with clients from the industry, we have experience in servicing the clothing sector.

Distribution of clothing and footwear in Europe

Timely supply of shops with clothing and footwear from the latest collections is always a challenge. To meet this challenge, we offer fast pick up and delivery services throughout Europe. Our road transport solutions provide solid support for our customers. Thanks to our express delivery network, we are able to handle the most urgent shipments easily and economically.

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Modern stock management

Does it sometimes happen that a popular article is suddenly unavailable, so you can't meet your customers' requirements? Are there any difficulties in the proper handling of documents or, there is no possibility to sort, repack or label clothes? Do you want to know at all times how many articles of a certain size or colour are in stock? At MOL Logistics we have an insight into which articles are popular and when to complete a particular assortment. This gives you an opportunity to react to changing trends and a chance to set your own path in the clothing industry.

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Maritime transport and replenishment

Fabrics, materials, clothes or shoes come from all over the world. MOL Logistics supports contacts and connections with local suppliers, refines the details of deliveries and consolidation, which allows for real savings of transport costs. We deal with container shipment and organization of delivery to the indicated place, regardless of whether it is a customer's or another customer's warehouse.

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