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The medical devices and instruments sector is a demanding and volatile market, due to constantly growing demand and constant regulatory changes. Precise delivery of health care products places high demands on transport and logistics. Improper transport of a medical device could damage it and make it impossible to use it as intended. Another important aspect is the timely delivery. Time often plays a key role here.

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Hospitals and other medical care facilities must have medical devices and tools at their disposal at all times, and this means keeping a permanent inventory. Not every company has the appropriate storage space to efficiently organize demanding shipments. Starting cooperation with MOL Logistics, each medical service provider will receive appropriate support. We ensure proper transport, even of the most sensitive products. Thanks to the implemented ISO procedures and advanced IT systems, we are able to meet the highest requirements of the industry.


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We provide transport for small and large shipments, taking care of punctuality, safety and competitiveness of rates.


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Storage of medical devices and materials

Storage in the medical industry requires cleanliness and order. In case our customers cannot meet these conditions, we offer storage services in our facilities. For this purpose, designated areas have been created and additionally equipped with temperature control systems. We also provide access to a system where you can keep track of your inventory. We have experience in organizing transport of goods requiring very low temperatures. Packing with the use of dry ice, gel and refrigerant packaging. Thanks to this, customers receive goods according to requirements.

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Express transport

Our customers expect short delivery times with maximum precautions. Not every carrier can meet this requirement. MOL Logistics has a fleet of over 350 delivery trucks and numerous trucks. This allows us to provide efficient transport of medical products throughout Europe. Our drivers are specialists in their field, aware of the challenges of transporting this type of cargo. We are distinguished by our individual approach to each situation. If necessary, we will engage two drivers who can drive around the clock to meet the deadline, regardless of the size of the load.

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Additional services

We will inspect or test your products, spare parts, assemble the kits, label and check the serial numbers, as well as call up the goods based on the FEFO method (the first one loses validity, the first one comes out). We are a professional partner for the medical device industry.

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