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Like any industry, transport and logistics use a number of specialized expressions and phrases. For those who do not deal with this industry on a daily basis, the vocabulary used may be unclear or misleading. For this reason, we have created a page with explanations of numerous specialist technical terms and other basic information.


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Container dimensions

The containers come in different sizes and shapes. Do you know which one is suitable for a certain number of pallets or goods?

Calculation of pay weight

When calculating the costs, weight plays an important role, but also the space occupied by a given load. Here you can calculate the volume and the so-called payload weight.

Incoterms rules

The concept of Incoterms rules is regularly used in transactions to buy and sell goods. But what does it actually mean and how are the delivery terms used? Furthermore, what are Incoterms 2020 rules?


The transport sector is subject to different charges. One of them is the fuel additive. Fuel prices are constantly changing, hence the cost that is unavoidable in this sector. Find out more about the most common charges in transport here.


We are part of a global logistics organization. Below you will find links to the most important websites in our network.

Track & Trace - tracking a shipment

Knowing where the shipment is currently located during transport is extremely valuable. For this reason, we have developed a special Track & Trace tool that allows you to monitor your shipments and expected deliveries.