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Companies from various industries choose MOL Logistics Polska as their creative partner in logistics. Why?
Because in a rapidly changing world of transport and logistics they can rely on our expertise

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We support our customers in a variety of ways. No matter how big or small a given logistic undertaking is, we will be happy to undertake it. Whether it's a single pallet or a large, complex project. Customers can concentrate on selling their own products and doing business, and we'll take care of global logistics and transportation management. Please also entrust us with the selection and supervision of the right partners! 

In November 2018, after more than ten years of providing logistics services on behalf of MOL Logistics Germany, our MOL Logistics office in Wroclaw was officially opened. Wroclaw is an important regional and national distribution and logistics centre. It was the first city in Poland to be integrated into the European motorway system. Wroclaw has a dense network of roads and freight railways that reach major cities in Poland and throughout Europe.

Our parent company, MOL Logistics in Japan, has developed a number of guidelines and principles to support our customers:

  • Listen carefully to your customers' diverse logistics needs and offer optimal, top-quality logistics solutions tailored to each customer's individual needs while ensuring safety, reliability and speed.
  • We connect our worldwide network, using our global expertise, and are dedicated to the continuous implementation of the latest technologies, offering carefully considered, specialized and reliable services.
  • MOL Logistics makes every effort to ensure full compliance with all applicable laws.
  • As a key partner in our customers' supply chain, we are constantly striving for a higher level of quality and security through ISO and AEO certification, offering reliable, secure and top-quality logistics services

Some important facts about Poland and Wroclaw:


The Polish economy is the eighth largest economy in the European Union and the largest among former members of the Eastern Bloc of the European Union.


The leading Polish exports include machines, electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture and plastics.


Poland has an extensive network of railway lines.


Wrocław, a thriving multicultural university centre. It plays the role of a financial, cultural and commercial centre of western Poland, where various cultural and sports events take place.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the city has been developing rapidly in the high-tech sector. Many companies from the High-Tech sector are located in the Wrocław Technology Park.


The Wroclaw industry specializes in the production of buses, railroad cars, household appliances, chemicals and electronics. There are also offices of the largest Polish companies in Wrocław.


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Team in Poland

Are you looking for a logistics service provider who will help you provide personal advice and prepare an offer efficiently? We invite you to meet our experts in Wroclaw.


To ensure the efficient circulation of goods worldwide, you need to rely on a qualified and experienced logistics service provider. Choose MOL Logistics Poland, a professional provider of transport services.

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Thanks to the professional support of our numerous branches located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, MOL Logistics can offer comprehensive logistics and transport services.


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