Rail transport as an alternative

Are you looking for a solution for your products that need to go to or from Asia? But can not you get capacity through air freight or sea freight? Choose rail transport! MOL Logistics Poland offers a total support package.

The reinvented silk route

Rail transport was formerly used to transport luxury products as silk and spices. Over the years rail transport disappeared a bit. The many coupling and disconnection of wagons and the poor infrastructure were main reasons. Over the last years countries as China invested in the railway network to stimulate trade. It was a great stimulation, and the railways are becoming more popular again. Especially when airlines or shipping lines are struggling with capacity problems, a container by rail can offer your business a solution.

Rail becomes a more environmentally-conscious solution that fits perfectly with companies looking for a somewhat faster solution than sea or road freight. Your MOL Logistics office in Wroclaw gladly supports you.


Perfect solution for capacity and turnaround challenges


Complete package from loading to unloading of your products


Suitable for products that need to be shipped to / from Asia in a relative short period

Total package

Not all companies know how to fit rail freight into their current transport system. In order to discharge these concerns, you can expect a total package for rail transport. You will get support in the whole process including all customs procedures. For example advice and documentation, regular updates, your products delivered home and competitive rates.

Reasonably fast turnaround

Are you looking for a solution for your products that need to go to or from China? But cannot you get capacity through sea freight or air freight? Rail transport has a reasonably short transit time, a bit faster than sea freight. So you can have your products (as electronics, clothing, trend-sensitive products) or  raw materials from Asia within 15 to 20 days in Europe, with subsequent deliveries throughout Europe.

Environmentally friendly

Rail transport includes large steam locomotives burning tons of coal, right? Think again! Especially when it comes to intercontinental transport, rail is among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Compare rail transport to sea freight or air freight and you will see it is more environmentally. Additionally, freight trains run according to a timetable. Do you have questions about transporting your products by rail? Contact your local team in Wroclaw!

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