Road transport: high quality network for groupage and full loads

Transport by road can be easily arranged by your MOL Logistics office in Poland. For both import and export shipments, for full trucks and pallets (groupage) and inland transport. Expect personal advice, handling of documents and a fast, competitive quotation. Try our road freight services!

Expect the best quality and rate possible for your road transport

Road freight and inland transport have a large variety of specialities. One carrier is specialized in transport to (and from) France, UK or Spain, while another focusses on Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. In each country worldwide, inland transport is mostly done via trucks. But this implies you have to know all trucking companies all over the world? Do you know which one to contact? Or do you keep spending time on the internet finding the right one? And is this carrier capable of handling temperature regulated or dangerous goods? Can they cope with seasonal peaks? A lot of questions, which can make your search quite complicated. Just contact your MOL Logistics office in Poland: we gladly take care of all your shipments.

To unburden our customers, we work closely together with a variety of parties in road transport. While selecting the right carrier for each shipment, we will ensure you have the best quality and rate possible. It does not matter if you ship a single pallet or a full load (Full Truck Load / FTL). Whether you need conditioned transport or (project) loads with special dimensions: MOL Logistics looks for a creative alternative.


For all sorts of shipments: full trailers (FTL) and groupage shipments (LTL)


Time critical deliveries, dangerous goods and temperature controlled shipments


Combine your shipments by road with storage or other services

Extensive network for road transport

It is important to have the knowledge which is needed to arrange all of your transports by road. To meet your requirements and those of your customers. Through our international network we cover the whole of Europe. Next to that, shipments that arrive worldwide via air or sea can be transported further by road.

Expertise for single pallets and full truck loads

Every shipment is unique. Therefor it is important you can rely on the expertise of our road freight specialists. If needed we can collect your goods on a very short term, especially in case of time critical deliveries. For these shipments you will get regular updates. We will contact the recipient to confirm the unloading date and time. Of course you will get a POD (Proof Of Delivery) if needed. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Efficient transport of your products

Our team knows the local market and the best way to ship your goods. This creative usage of knowledge, experience, capacity and resources will help you choosing the right partner for trucking and inland transport. Of course we will book the shipments for you and arrange the necessary customs documents. In case an alternative shipping method fits your requirements better, we will let you know. For example by shortsea or rail solutions. You can rely on our deliveries and this leads to more flexibility in your sales and/or production processes.

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