Let’s meet up with Maciej Banaszek

In June, we speak with Maciej, the Branch Manager of MOL Logistics in Poland. We would like to know more about his background and view on logistics. Read all about it in this interview!

“We as MOL Logistics are not afraid to handle any type of cargo, we are open to new solutions”

So Maciej, what did you study?

Management and informatics with as specialty company management. I wrote my thesis about logistics.

How did you end up in logistics?

As I mentioned I wrote my thesis about logistics and I also chose to have my apprenticeship in a logistics company (Merkury). During my apprenticeship I helped to handle some matters for their new business partner (MOL Logistics in Germany). Next year when MOL Logistics in Germany was looking for employee to take care of their Polish customer I applied and got the job. It was 13 years ago.

That’s quite some time! What attracts you in the field of transport and logistics? What appeals to you the most?

We as MOL Logistics are not afraid to handle any type of cargo, we are open to new solutions. The wide scope of services gives many challenges and diversity in our everyday work. Thanks to this my work isn’t boring.

“Sometimes there are no standard solutions. That is why it is important to listen carefully to customers’ needs and be able to think outside the box”

And what does your agenda look like on a regular day?

Actually in my case there is no such thing like a ‘regular day’. As manager of the new branch I have so many cases to handle and matters to solve from different fields that make every day looks differently. Our office has been existing for half a year and is developing rapidly so I need to be a one man army. I take care of matters from management, purchase, standard paperwork to IT and service. Furthermore, we are an international company with offices located almost on every continent. Most of our branches exist in different time zones, so even if you have perfect plan for the next day you may receive several urgent requests that will turn upside down your whole day plan. That is why every morning when I eat breakfast and drink coffee I read emails received over night and adjust my day plan. Then if it is possible, on my way to work I try to arrange all necessary things in town that have to be done, so when I arrive to office I can focus on office work till afternoon. Then there is time to have some necessary meetings in our facility. In the end of the work day before my colleagues leave the office, we make a small summary of the day. Thanks to this I’m sure I’m always aware of actual situations, and it gives our team possibility to find fast and best solutions to current matters that we handle.

That’s a wide range of activities! What knowledge and skills do you really need in your position?

In the early stage of existence of a company, we always have to do as much as possible by our own, otherwise we will lose lots of time for arranging proper specialists. That is why, as I already mentioned, I take care of matters from management through purchase, standard paper work to IT and service. So, I need to be good at management, interpersonal relations and negotiations. Moreover I need to have knowledge also from various other fields like accounting, IT and in the end there are situations when I have to be even a handyman.

Which struggle or question do you often encounter with customers? And how do you help them with that?

I’m usually involved in customers’ bigger issues. Mainly they contact me when they have new business and need to consult how to arrange most efficient supply chain or in case their other agent failed with demanding shipment and our help is necessary. In such cases there are no standard solutions. That is why it is important to listen carefully to customers’ needs and be able to think outside the box. This is the best way to find optimal and innovational solution.

“Our team is openminded and focused to find the optimal solution”

How do you contribute to the social, family-like feeling of MOL Logistics?

I always care about opinion and needs of my co-workers and try to create a friendly environment, so everybody could feel comfortable in our workplace. We have to remember that we usually spend half of our day in office, so it is good to feel here like in second home.

What hobbies do you have that contribute to the work you do here?

I used to train enduro motorbike riding and I like to play mind puzzles. It teaches you to appreciate your surrounding and sets your mind to find best path or solution to achieve your goal.

What do you like the most about your work?

In two words: diversification, challenges.

Now something about the future. How do you see our company in 10 years?

I see several branch offices in Poland including warehouses. Right now we carefully listen to our customers’ needs and settle best development path.

And in conclusion: what can you tell customers about MOL Logistics as ‘Your creative partner in logistics’?

I think I already answered partly to this question in other sections of this interview, but to sum up I can say that our team is openminded and focused to find optimal solution. We don’t use schemes, for us each customer and each case is different, that is why individual approach is needed. We always listen carefully to our customers’ needs and develop our organization to create quality service that will meet our clients expectations.

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