Update Coronavirus in Poland

MOL Logistics Poland provides you with an update regarding the Coronavirus in Poland.

We have been able to arrange air, sea and rail transport to/from whole of Poland so far.

From March 24th, Poland has restrictions in movement

Until April 11 inclusive, you will not be able to move freely outside your living, health and professional goals. Therefore, the restrictions do not apply to:

  • Travel to work. If an employee, run own business or farm, have the right to get to your job. Also you have the right to buy goods and services related to professional activity.
  • If you are going to work to fight coronavirus and help those in need to be in quarantine or who should not leave your home, people can move around as part of this activity.
  • Dealing with matters necessary for everyday life. Will be able to move around to do the necessary shopping, buy medicines, see a doctor, look after relatives and walk the dog.

Important! You can only move in a group of up to two people. This restriction does not apply to families.

Total ban on gatherings – except with relatives

The new regulations also prohibit any gatherings, meetings, events or meetings. However, will be able to meet loved ones.


Restrictions on the number of people do not apply to workplaces. However, they should apply particularly strict recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector in the field of maintaining the distance of employees.

Other restrictions still apply

Despite the changes introduced, all previous bans remain in force, i.e. restrictions on the operation of shopping malls, catering and entertainment activities.

A mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from abroad is also still in operation.

Suspension of classes at schools and colleges

The new rules will apply from March 25 to April 10, 2020

General information:

On 12 March 2020, epidemiological threat was announced in Poland. This is another measure taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore:

19 hospitals have been transformed into isolation hospitals to accommodate those in need of medical help. There will be one additional isolation hospital set up in each voivodship, and two such hospitals in bigger regions. This kind of medical facilities will only treat people suspected of having contracted coronavirus. The goal is for beds with respirators to account for 10% of places at the converted facilities. The list of hospitals could be downloaded from the Ministry of Health website [information in Polish].

In accordance with the law, medical personnel may be seconded to those facilities that are vital in preventing the epidemic’s spread. Other people may also be delegated to such work, if it is justified by the current needs of authorities in charge of combating the epidemic.

Another contemplated measure is increasing the number of laboratories which perform coronavirus testing. Right now there are such 15 labs. Those ordered to remain in quarantine will also undergo diagnostic tests. At the moment several thousand testing kits are available, with new deliveries being contracted. Quick screening tests will be administered if WHO recommends their use.

It also means that the Minister of Health, by way of new ordinances, may introduce:

  • temporary restrictions on specific forms of transport,
  • temporary restrictions on the trade in and use of specific items or food products,
  • temporary restrictions on the functioning of specific institutions or workplaces,
  • bans on mass events and other public assemblies,
  • obligation to perform specific sanitary procedures, if their performance is connected with the functioning of specific manufacturing, service, commercial or other facilities,
  • orders to make available properties, premises and sites as well as to provide means of transport for the purposes of anti-epidemic measures provided for in anti-epidemic action plans.

Before 12 March, decisions were made to call off all mass events and suspend classes at universities, nursery schools, schools and educational institutions between 12 and 25 March. It is very important not to go out (except when absolutely necessary) to reduce the risk of the virus spreading further.

Temporary limitations

From 14 March 2020 until further notice, the following restrictions apply in the Republic of Poland:

  • restrictions on the operation of shopping centres (pharmacies, grocery stores and drug stores remain open everywhere, including in shopping centres!),
  • ban on public, national and religious gatherings of more than 50 people. The ban applies both to indoor and outdoor gatherings.

All grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and chemist’s stores remain open

All stores which sell clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, tools and any other products remain open. The restrictions apply solely to shops located in shopping centres.

The following stores remain open in shopping centres:

  • grocery stores,
  • pharmacies,
  • chemist’s stores,
  • launderettes.
  • Banks and financial service outlets are operating normally.

Restaurants can only offer delivery or takeout food

Restaurants, cafes and bars will be able to continue selling food. The restrictions only apply to having meals on the premises. Orders may be taken out or delivered.

Other restrictions for the nearest future

The next two weeks will be a time of extensive actions to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus in Poland. We are taking preventive measures. Since large gatherings of people are conducive to the spread of coronavirus, we decided to close gyms, swimming pools, dance clubs, fitness clubs, museums, libraries and cinemas.

Previously, we suspended activities at schools, kindergartens and nurseries as well as at higher education institutions. All these actions are made possible thanks to a special statute – the act on special measures for combating the coronavirus.


Higher education institutions suspended classes from 12 to 25 March.


From Sunday, 15 March, Poland will close its borders to foreigners. All Polish citizens who are presently abroad can return to their homeland. They will also undergo a compulsory 14-day home quarantine. International passenger air flights and international rail travel will be suspended.

Not all foreign residents are banned from entering Poland

The ban on entering the Republic of Poland does not apply to:

  • citizens of the Republic of Poland
  • foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens of the Republic of Poland or remain under permanent care of citizens of the Republic of Poland
  • holders of the Pole’s Card
  • diplomats
  • persons who have the right of permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Poland or a work permit
  • in duly justified cases, the voivode (province governor) competent for the voivodship (province) to which the foreign resident not listed in the preceding points intends to move may grant their consent for that foreigner to enter Poland
  • foreigners driving a vehicle intended for transporting goods.

The compulsory quarantine does not apply to:

  • persons from near-border areas who live in Poland, but work every day in the neighboring country and regularly cross the border;
  • foreign citizens who live in the neighboring country, but work in Poland and regularly cross the border;
  • professional freight and passenger transport drivers performing their duties.

Operating situation in Logistics

  • We see long waiting time on borders yesterday (17.03) on main border controls average waiting time was 20 hours. Today situation is more under control – average waiting time 5 hours. Our road subcontractors works normally only waiting for crossing the borders. Also face cancelation of flights from China even on freighters scheduled between PVG – FRA (O3 airline, for the flight of 22th and 27th will be cancelled due to the virus became serious in Europe).
  • Airports: all airports working normally in Poland
  • Many passenger flights are cancelled, mainly air freight is moving on truck to main European Hubs.
  • Main seaports in Poland are working normally.
  • Sea freight is getting higher due to less of empty containers and lack of space to far east till min April.
  • Road freight from/to other EU countries : Trucks seems to be checked at some border points, but they have crossed the border so far.

 Operating situation of our subcontractors

Most of them are operating but limited staff or working at home.

Operating situation of MLG/Wroclaw office

We have been able to arrange air sea rail transport to/from whole of Poland so far.

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